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A Business Proposition

DSL Bandwidth and Reliability
Boost revenue

ML-IP powered broadband

ASP/Data Centers

Many subscribers entrust ASPs and data centers with their critical business data. However, typically the weakest link to the data is the subscriber's network connection to the ASP or data center. The more a business expands, the more data is generated and additional analysis of that data is required. This makes the customer's connection to your network a major bottleneck. Affordable access solutions with flexible bandwidth are few and far between and most don't suite a wide range of customers. By embedding ML-IP into your network, ASPs and Data Centers can offer their subscribers a premium level bandwidth pipe to their data with a minimal infrastructure investment. With ML-IP you can reduce your customer churn rate and earn additional revenue from managing their multi-megabit pipes built on multiple T-1/E-1, xDSL or dial access services at the subscriber, as well as providing a unique service (an ML-IP network) that makes your service distinctive. In addition the connection is more reliable using concurrent links and has dial backup built in. ML-IP works end-to-end from your subscriber to your network over IP, minimizing the need for complex xDSL or T-1 access infrastructure - it's totally transparent. ePipe has answers for ASPs - solutions they can deploy today that open up myriad of marketing opportunities.

  Multilink IP: A Compelling Business Proposition for Service Providers

Service Providers face major obstacles in their efforts to deliver high bandwidth to customers, who have access to an increasingly competitive marketplace. They must address bandwidth requirements, management overheads and provisioning complexities. ML-IP provides a compelling business proposition, enabling service providers to deliver highly differentiated broadband services to business customers for a fraction of the cost and complexity of any alternative solution

  How Service Providers Can Provide Customers with Increased DSL Bandwidth and Reliability

Service providers are anxious to differentiate their services by offering more reliable and higher speed broadband access services, regardless of the underlying infrastructure. ePipe's ML-IP solutions enable simple, low-cost provisioning of bonded broadband services with minimal infrastructure costs, when compared with IMUX, ML-PPP, ML-FR or load-balancing equipment.

  Boost revenue with 'custom-branded' broadband services powered by Multilink-IP technology

Although the thirst for bandwidth seems unquenchable, carriers are reluctant to invest heavily in new infrastructure until they see returns on current services. Also, despite massive bandwidth increases on backbones, the last mile problem - getting fast, affordable, reliable data from the ISP to the subscriber - persists. What if a service provider could make superior performance broadband services available to the customer by using existing carrier services? This is the potential that Multilink-IP (ML-IP) delivers.

  Rolling out ML-IP powered broadband services

This white paper considers the key issues involved in creating unique Multilink-IP (ML-IP) powered broadband services. With ML-IP, even service providers without direct DSL coverage can service a wider range of subscribers with enhanced broadband solutions. Wholesale DSL access purchased from carriers or other access providers can be also enhanced with ML-IP to create differentiated services. These will increase your broadband revenue opportunities because ML-IP extends the bandwidth, application and reliability of any DSL service.

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