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Please Read The Following Before Installing Your ePipe Hardware Appliance

ePipe's products are manufactured to the highest quality standards, and are rigorously tested to ensure an uncompromising level of performance and reliability.  A successful installation and a long operational life is however dependant on taking certain precautions, as follows:

1. Devices must be earthed. All devices in your system must be correctly earthed.  These devices must be connected to the AC mains via a three-pronged plug to a correctly wired mains receptacle.  If you are not certain that your electrical installation is properly earthed and fully complies with your local electricity authority codes, have your site inspected by an authorized electrician.  Damage resulting from improper earthing of devices is not covered by warranty.

2. Correct cabling. Care should be exercised in laying cables that connect serial devices to ePipe appliances. ePipe recommends the use of shielded cabling to reduce the incidence of induced electrical noise.  Where cables run considerably longer than the RS-232-C or RS-232-D recommendations, use of a line driver or short haul modem is required.  In all cases, care should also be exercised in the routing of long cable runs by avoiding electrically noisy areas.  Damage resulting from voltage surges on cables (including lightning strikes) or improper earthing of devices is not covered by warranty. 

Complete the on-line registration form above or mail or fax the completed warranty card included with your product to the nearest ePipe office (as printed on the warranty card) to qualify for an extended additional two year warranty, including free support. Failure to properly register this product within 30 days of purchase will limit the warranty period to one year from the purchase date.

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