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2200 Series Multi-access VPN and Security Gateway

Robust Security

Bandwidth for All Situations

The Total Solution

The 2200 Grows with You

Technical Specs:

2202 Backplate

2242 Backplate

Standard Features

Secure Remote Access

Site to Site VPN

Direct Connection Services

Monitoring and Configuration


e-business Access Starts Here

The 2200 series is a complete family of Internet security gateways for small to medium sized businesses. It provides shared Internet access for the entire office and Virtual Private Network (VPN) access to securely connect multiple sites and mobile workers. ePipe delivers all of this, without the costly infrastructure and call charges of traditional Wide Area Networks (WANs).

The 2200 series allows your LAN to enjoy the benefits of high-speed Internet access over broadband or a dedicated leased-line. The 2200 is also available in multi-access format, with the ability to transparently bond up to four dial-up Internet connections together offering scalable bandwidth up to 512 Kbits/sec, in addition to broadband access.

ePipe Internet and VPN gatewayOptional feature sets include Secure Remote Access (SRA), Site to Site VPN (SSV) and Direct Connection Services (DCS). These allow organizations to participate in the Internet economy at their own pace and within tight budgets. For example, small branch offices may require Web access, e-mail and direct dial connections only. As needs change, you can make greater use of the 2200's functionality.

Robust Security

The 2200 lets you adjust the level of security to meet your changing requirements. A packet filtering firewall isolates untrusted Internet connections from your LAN. Network Address Translation (NAT) hides your internal network from those on the Internet and allows you to internally host Web and email servers transparently.

The DCS and SRA feature sets both provide session-based authentication, while the SSV feature set also provides strong per packet authentication. Encryption schemes include MPPE for PPTP clients (SRA feature set) in addition to DES, Triple DES and Blowfish (SSV feature set).

Bandwidth for Every Situation

The 2200 incorporates ePipe's Multilink IP (ML-IP) technology. This delivers a faster aggregate connection over an arbitrary number of dial-up lines for both Internet access and site to site VPN tunnels. ML-IP can be deployed anywhere in the world without any special provisioning from your ISP.

The combination of ML-IP and the choice of dial-up and broadband connections makes the 2200 the most flexible and scalable Internet, VPN and security gateway. It enables businesses to start with a small number of dial-up Internet connections and migrate to broadband connections as their site to site VPN bandwidth needs increase, or as these services become available.

The Total Solution

The 2200 offers outstanding value straight out of the box and provides the functionality of a router, packet-filtering firewall and scalable-bandwidth Internet gateway in one cost effective solution. ePipe’s optional feature sets also provide:-

ePipe Grows With You, Effortlessly

The 2200 multi-access model lets you start with analog or ISDN modems and simple dial-up connections, then add more as your VPN or Web traffic increases, up to 512 Kbits/sec. You can then migrate to broadband Internet access at any time, adding a cable or DSL modem directly to the 2200. Mix and match with other 2100, 2200 and ePipe ServerWare models to create the most affordable VPN across your organization, with some sites bonding multiple dial-up connections using ML-IP and others using the 2200's broadband connection.

ePipe 2202 backplate

Above: The 2202 featuring 2x10/100Base-T Ethernet ports

ePipe 2242 backplate

Above: The 2242 featuring 4xRJ45 serial ports and 2x10Base-T Ethernet ports


Technical Specifications

Standard Features




Packet-filtering with access controls

Internet access

Incoming: Network Address Translation (NAT)

  Outgoing: NAT with TCP/UDP port redirection
Scalable bandwidth Intelligent Internet Bonding (I2B)

Bandwidth control

Dynamic link establishment, with thresholds

Secure Remote Access Feature Set (SRA)

Authentication & accounting


VPN clients

Microsoft VPN adapter (PPTP)



Site to Site VPN Feature Set (SSV)

Site-to-Site VPN

IPSec tunnel mode
MD5, SHA-1 and RMD160 authentication algorithms

Key management

Manual shared keys


56-bit DES, 168-bit Triple DES and 128-bit Blowfish encryption

Bandwidth control Multilink IP (ML-IP) combines connections into a tunnel Dynamic link establishment based on thresholds

Direct Connection Services Feature Set (DCS)

Authentication RADIUS, PAP, CHAP
Direct dial-in Windows dial-up networking; any PPP client

Click here to active SRA, SSV or DCS feature sets within your ePipe unit.

Monitoring and Configuration


Simple browser-based tool via console port or Telnet session


ePipe discovery on local network; graphs for connection aggregation; event logging, syslog output; network and communications statistics; hardware status and diagnostics

Upgrade utility

Windows application to upgrade firmware



IEEE 802.3 Ethernet
Two 10BASE-T Ethernet ports (2242)
Two 10/100Base-T Ethernet ports (2202)


Console RS 232 port (DB-9 male)
Four RS-232 ports (RJ-45) up to 230.4 kbps

Power supply

External PSU; 12 Volts @ 1 A


224mm x 152 mm x 45 mm


Desktop or wall mount slots


Kensington Security Slot

Indicators LEDs for power, activity, network and serial I/O traffic
LEDs per port Ethernet link status and activity (2242)
LEDs per port Ethernet link, speed, transmit, receive (2202)
Environment 0–40°C, rel. humidity 10–80% non-condensing
Approvals FCC Class A, EN55022 Class A, EN55082-1, CE, C-Tick
Warranty 3 year limited warranty (return to manufacturer)
Included - 2202 Cables (2 Ethernet/1 console); power pack

Included - 2242

Cables (2 modem/2 Ethernet/1 console); power pack