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What is my current revision?

Software availability

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ePipe ServerWare Concentrator Software Download

What is my current ePipe ServerWare software revision?

To see the current software revision and the model of your ePipe ServerWare system, using the browser-based ePipe Management Assistant go to:

Help > About

Alternatively, access the ePipe ServerWare command line interface using the console of the PC on which ePipe ServerWare is installed, or start a telnet client and telnet to the ePipe ServerWare system, and run the following command:


Software Availability

Before you upgrade...

Please read the ePipe Software Release Notes before upgrading the software of your ePipe ServerWare system.

Obtaining ePipe ServerWare software...

ePipe ServerWare is supported under a software contract for each installation.  ePipe ServerWare comes with one (1) year of free technical support to customers who have registered their copy of ePipe ServerWare (click here to register).  Further support, beyond the first year, is available to customers who purchase Extended Support certificates.  Please contact ePipe Sales by email or phone for more information on purchasing Extended Support.

To obtain ePipe ServerWare software updates, please call or email ePipe Technical Support providing your ePipe ServerWare product registration number or Extended Support Certificate number.  Click here for contact details.

ePipe ServerWare is available as a CD-ROM or as an ISO9660 CD image for writing to a CD-R.

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