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ePipe ML-IP Family User Guide








Welcome to the ePipe ML-IP Family User Guide.  Please select a chapter from the Table of Contents below.


The various status pages in the Multilink IP Manager offer the ability to view and monitor the status of the connections and throughput of the interfaces of the ePipe.  

ePipe also has a syslog facility for viewing real time activity and for troubleshooting problems.  For more information on syslog see the chapter on Troubleshooting Problems.

All of the following status options can be found in the ML-IP Manager.



Status Pages

Status information can be obtained for all network connections or all ML-IP tunnels through the Status page.  The status of individual network connections or ML-IP tunnels can be viewed through the Network Connections and Multilink IP pages respectively.  All other status information is available via the Status page.

Network Connections Status

The Status > Network Connections tab shows the state of each of the network connections.  The average characters transmitted and received by each connection and the status of each connection are able to be monitored.  

Similar information can be viewed per interface by going to the Network Connections page and then selecting either Broadband or Dialup.  Simply click on the interface to see its status.  This also shows the current IP address (with subnet mask) and gateway IP address for this interface.


ML-IP Tunnels Status

The Status > Multilink IP tab shows the current state of any ML-IP tunnels configured in the device.  Both Tunnel Status and Link Manager Status will display "opened" for a connected tunnel.  

Similar information can be viewed per tunnel by going to the Multilink IP page.  Simply click on the Client or Server tabs and then the tunnel name to see its status.  This also shows the IP addresses assigned by the ePipe to each end of the ML-IP tunnel selected.


Traffic Status


The routing table of the ePipe ML-IP gateway or concentrator can be viewed under the Routing tab of the Status > Traffic page.  The table can be set to automatically update or to be updated manually by selecting the appropriate option below the table.


TCP/UDP Sessions

The TCP and UDP tabs show the current TCP connections and listening TCP and UDP ports in the ePipe.  This is available under the Status > Traffic page.


Internet Load Balancing

The Internet Load Balancing tab under Status > Traffic shows the current I2B connections through the ePipe.  Only connections with a TCP protocol configured for I2B will be shown.  The source and destination address of the connection are shown, along with bytes sent and received for that particular connection.



The Status > Throughput page contains graphs of throughput for the Ethernet and the Serial Interfaces.  Simply select the appropriate tab to see the graph.  The throughput is averaged over a short period of time using an algorithm so that the graphs give a better overall indication of throughput, rather than a snapshot of the throughput at a given point in time. 


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