ePipe Feature Set Activation Key

To activate optional feature sets of your ePipe, you will need to enter the feature set registration number in the form below. The feature-set registration number is printed in the window under step one of your Feature Set Activation Key Card that you received when you purchased the feature-set.

You will also need to enter the Ethernet address of your ePipe. This is also known as the "MAC address" or "Hardware address" and is printed on a sticker on the base of your ePipe and is in the format '00 : 60 : 1F : XX : XX : XX'. For ePipes with several Ethernet ports, use the Ethernet address of Ethernet 1. You can also obtain the Ethernet address of your ePipe using the "SHOW SERVER" command at the ePipe console. Enter the address in full, i.e. six (6) sets of hexadecimal numbers.

Because the activation key will be sent to you by e-mail after you complete this form, you must also enter your current e-mail address below. You may also also enter optional contact information which may assist us in tracking your registration should you misplace your activation key in future.

If you have any difficulties completing this form, please contact ePipe Technical Support in your region:

Australia Rest of the World
Ph: (07) 3342 4253 Ph: +61 7 3342 4253
Ph: 1 800 037 473
e-mail e-mail

Once you have completed the form below, you will be re-directed to a confirmation page and an activation key will be forwarded to you via e-mail. Once you have received the activation key, follow the directions on your registration card to make the tunnel pack active.

Feature Registration Number:*(a number of up to 10 digits)
ePipe Ethernet Address:*:::::(6 pairs of hexadecimal numerals)
(Use the address of Ethernet 1 on ePipes with more than one Ethernet port)
Your e-mail address:*(activation key will be sent here)
(The following fields are optional)
Registrant Name:
Company Name:
Contact phone number:
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